FLR 012: Frozen Pizza - Red Baron vs. Amy’s

February 28, 2017

For this show, I'm turning my attention to America's all-time favorite food:  pizza.  Americans spend an annual $37 billion on frozen pizza; that's one-third of the global market.  The average American family eats pizza at home 30 times a year, about once every 2 weeks, and we eat 3 billion pizzas each year.  That's a lotta pizza!  I selected two frozen pizzas for comparison:  Red Baron's Classic Crust Supreme Pizza and its natural, meatless, and organic counterpart, Amy's Italian Sausage, Mushroom & Olive Pizza.  How do these products compare?  Which is costlier, which is healthier, and which one should you expose your body to?  Along the way, we'll learn some food history, as well as get exposed to a few new food ingredients.

Ingredient-of-the-Day:  none for this episode  

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Swallow This: Serving Up the Food Industry's Darkest Secrets by Joanna Blythman



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